About me

I inspire with good business habits and explore personal happiness. 

I pass on my knowledge and experience and together we discover higher dimensions of living. I am a motivator, a guide, a teacher of yoga and reiki.



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Dobrila ikone joga

My yoga teaching comes from the heart

Do you want individual classes or prefer to join a group class? Personalised yoga tailored to your needs and wishes.
Dobrila ikone nature

Enthusiastic nature lover

I draw peace and inspiration for my work from the pristine nature. Trees, rivers, oceans and mountains teach me their stories.
Dobrila ikone reiki

Advocate for natural healing

Our hearts, souls and bodies need touch. Let me touch all three dimensions of your body and help them heal.
Dobrila ikone life coaching

Life coaching

Do you need motivation and encouragement? Do you feel stuck and can’t find the signs to lead you forward? Take my initiative and guidance.
Dobrila ikone business

Business adviser

Entrepreneurship means sailing across smooth and turbulent seas. Let me stand by your side in business. I can be your anchor and your sail that catches the wind, it all depends on the moment.
Dobrila ikone finance

Taking care of your finances

Numbers are my passion. I respect that key values for your company are trust, precision, responsiveness and innovation. I understand business, for me, business is people like you.


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Individual Learning Yoga Retreat

1. May 2019
Call or write for more information.
65 €

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